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Michael Blum grew up in Herculaneum, Missouri, just south of St. Louis on the Mississippi River.  He moved to Columbia in 1987 to attend the University of Missouri.  Mike is the first person in his family to graduate from college.  His mother grew up in Alabama, literally picking cotton, and his father was voted the hardest worker of his high school class, because he worked every day before and after school to make a better life for himself.  Growing up in a house filled with respect for a hard day's work and a dollar earned, working my way through college was natural and rewarding, even through the toughest times.  I have a Bachelor's Degree, as well as law degree from the University of Missouri (Mizzou).  When I applied to Mizzou, I wrote an essay in which I stated that you can accomplish anything if you stick to your goals and work hard enough.  I strive to live up to that statement to this day.

Serving the City of Columbia and Middle Missouri

After law school Mike served as an attorney for the State of Missouri, first as a Hearing Officer with the Department of Social Services, and later at the Attorney General's Office, as an Assistant Attorney General.  These positions afforded Mike great insight into the way our government can affect the lives of everyday citizens.  Now, as the proprietor of his own law firm in Columbia, he advocates for positive changes in his clients' lives every day.
Mike believes that it is important that everyone involve themselves in the community, as much as their family obligations and schedules allow.  In addition to his membership in the American Bar Association, the Missouri Bar, the Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys and American Trial Lawyers Association, Mike is also a member of the Sunrise Estates Homeowners Association, the Missouri Democratic Party, The Boone County Democratic Party and Muleskinners.

In March of 2006 we purchased the building located 301 North 9th Street, at the corner of 9th and Park Streets.  We have been looking for a building with a downtown location since the firm was founded in 2003.  Although our building and grounds require a lot of work, we are very happy with our new facility, which is only one block away from the Boone County Courthouse, located at 705 East Walnut. 

Before we finalized our purchase of the facility at 301 North 9th Street, we maintained an office located at 106 North Garth Avenue.  This was the first facility which we maintained on our own.  Prior to that we shared staff and facilities with other law firms.
Our first office was located at 609 East Broadway.  We shared this space and staff with other law firms.  Thus, the space was limited, and bared no room for expansion.  Having our own facility was always a goal, but comercial space in downtown Columbia is hard to find.  We searched for three years before we found a facility near the courthouse.   

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